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Rebuilt Titles run And Drive

  2012 Infinity QX56

$6,995     Stock #: 9910
  • 103,031 Miles
  • Salvage
$5,995     Stock #: 9912
  • 52,052 Miles
  • Salvage
$11,995     Stock #: 9917
  • 128,702 Miles
  • Contact Dealer
$7,995     Stock #: 9916
  • 66,553 Miles
  • Contact Dealer
$7,995     Stock #: 9913
  • 158,091 Miles
  • Contact Dealer
$7,995     Stock #: 9915
  • 167,119 Miles
  • Salvage
$6,995     Stock #: 9908
  • 90,510 Miles
  • Salvage
$8,995     Stock #: 9914
  • 52,165 Miles
  • Salvage
SALE PENDING     Stock #: 9907
  • 5,105 Miles
  • Salvage
$4,995     Stock #: 9909
  • 158,628 Miles
  • Contact Dealer
$8,995     Stock #: 9905
  • 91,043 Miles
  • Salvage
$5,995     Stock #: 9906
  • 178,758 Miles
  • Clean

Welcome To Chaya Brothers Salvage

Chaya Brothers Salvage Repairables And Rebuildable cars is a family owned and operated business. We are one of the leading salvage rebuildable car dealers in New England. With over twenty years of experience in the salvage industry, we are sure we can help you with all of your questions or concerns. The wide-variety of repairable cars in stock provides you with many different vehicles to choose from.

We recommend to all our customers to visit our location to inspect and view the vehicles,vin#,model style,vehicle options and body damage in person. All vehicles come with either salvage rebuildable title, flood, or recovered theft title. Vehicles have to be repaired and state salvage inspected in the state you live in. It is your responsibility to make sure that the vehicle you are buying can be registered in your state. All sales are final.Yard drives means the vehicle runs and drives in our yard and you can only drive cars on a tow truck or transport truck,it does not mean you can drive the vehicle on the street. It is illegal to drive a damaged car on the road. All our vehicles are damaged, if they are damaged to the front we state front damage, damage to the back, we state rear damage, or damage all around. Please read disclaimer for more information. We are not responsible for any typographical errors.

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